Florida Whirligigs Etc.
Hand Made Wood Crafts Featuring Wind Blown Whirligigs - Mesmerizing Fun and Decorative Yard Art

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Origins and Evolution

Wind driven whirligigs were first made in 700 AD when the Sasanian Empire began using windmills to lift water for irrigation. The first known visual representation of a European whirligig is contained in a medieval tapestry that depicts children playing with a whirligig consisting of a hobbyhorse on one end of a stick and a four blade propeller at the other end.

The American version of the wind driven whirligig originated with the immigrant population of the United Kingdom as whirligigs are mentioned in early American colonial times. How the wind driven whirligig evolved in America is not fully known, though there are some markers. George Washington brought "whilaiigs" home from the Revolutionary War.
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My Whirligigs

All are hand made out of Solid wood and Baltic burch with 2 coats of enamel and two final coats of weather protection. All made with brass fittings. Wings are light weight which allows them to easily blow in the wind.